The Business Group

The seven companies that make up Grupo Malasa provide a comprehensive range of services, solutions and options for your business.


Each company adapts, in its own way, to today’s highly diversified wood and store furnishings market. They each pursue customer satisfaction as a key objective and work with all types of high-quality woods and finishes. We design and manufacture products that are tailored to meet the needs of our customers.

// Development

Grupo Malasa has its roots in Comercial Malasa, a family company founded in 1992 by brothers Antonio and Javier Pérez Patiño. Over the years more and more companies have come into the fold to create the Grupo Malasa business group.

Together, these companies have experienced gradual and continuous growth. The most evident sign of that growth is the fact that what started out as a small ironmonger’s shop in the outskirts of La Coruña (El Burgo) is now a major business group operating the world over.

That development can be attributed to the group’s founders, who have shown the perseverance and resolve needed to break into new markets and adapt to today’s business world.

One of the foundations of Grupo Malasa’s success is the training and qualifications of its employees, who embark on a journey of continuous improvement on joining the company. Thanks to our commitment to this principle, every company in the group is staffed by people who are professionals in every sense of the word and can meet all the sector’s needs.